B&L discuss "Designing in Historic Districts" with the ICAA


Designing in Historic Districts: A Vision for Civic Conservation

"Internationalist architecture and decades of car-centric planning have failed to produce places of local character, and as the demand for walkable, charming places outpaces the supply, historic districts around the world are under extreme development pressures.  Yet new developments are often incompatible with historic neighborhoods.  In “A Vision for Civic Conservation,” Charleston-based designers, Jenny Bevan and Christopher Liberatos, explore how the preservation community could increase their efficacy in guiding growth in historic districts.  They argue that we should treat historic districts not as museums but as living models for future growth and development and bulwarks against globalized homogeneity.  Please join Jenny and Christopher as they present how the principles of Civic Conservation can promote a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable model for historic districts."